4/1/2011 Webmaster

Perhaps I am Playing Too Much MineCraft?

This is mildly related to .Net. MineCraft is a game that is created in Java, but I love it and it is my primary “stress reliever” because chipping away at the blocks is strangely relaxing.

I have one world that I have been building for almost two months and is pretty extensive.



So anyway, I was on an ill advised mining project next to an active lava flow, and I fell into the lava and promptly died, Damn!

When you die, MineCraft “respawns” you, but you are not near all your stuff, and a MineCraft world is “huge”.

Somehow I knew that the busybody programmers out in the world have faced similar catastrophes, and programmers, being programmers, they would have created tools to help a person in this situation. So I went to CodePlex.com and sure enough there are a ton on MineCraft “tools”: http://www.codeplex.com/site/search?query=minecraft&ac=3

So I downloaded the Minecraft Topographical Survey, and created maps of my “world”.


The terrain map allowed me to figure out where I was after I traveled to the “snow” region (the white stuff on the map).


I was able to look at the map of the “caves” in the world, to locate a cave I built. The natural caves are all curved, but after one stressful day I spent 2 hours building a long cave.

This allowed me to locate all the stuff I had been building.

It still took about 4 “game days” to get there. Basically when “night falls”, it is too dark to travel, so you build a little cave and put up a torch, and wait about 20 real-world minutes for it to be “daylight” again, and you can continue your journey.

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