I’ll be speaking at Visual Studio Live!, August 13-17 at Microsoft HQ in Redmond. 
 I’ll be presenting the following sessions:
  • TH04 - Using The Microsoft Cognitive Custom Vision Service - Thursday, August 16
  • TH14 - Building Business Applications Using Bots - Thursday, August 16 
  As a speaker, I can offer $500 savings on the 5-day package.
  Register here: http://bit.ly/RMSPK30Reg


By Administrator on 8/13/2016 11:25 AM


Using Dialogs with the Microsoft Bot Framework, allows you to model a conversation with a user. While they are more flexible than using a FormFlow, Dialogs require more code.

A Dialog is class that that implements IDialog. Dialogs can be composed with other dialogs to maximize reuse...