Using Microsoft Bot Framework QnA Maker To Quickly Create A Chat Bot

Sep 26

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Using the QnA Maker website, you can quickly create a Chat Bot based on your existing database of questions and answers.


Robin Osborne sent out a Tweet recently about an article he wrote on the QnA Maker website that allows you to easily create a usable Chat Bot in minutes. After reading his article, I decided to give it a try.


A Quick Wedding Advice Bot


My wife has a website where she has answered wedding related questions over the years. I decided to use that as the data for my Bot.


First, I went to the QnA Maker website and signed in.


I clicked the button to Create a new QnA service.


They have a mode that will extract questions and answers from your website, but that didn’t work for my wife’s website so I copied the questions from the database (separating the questions from the answers with a colon “:”), pasted them in, and then clicked the Extract button.


The service thinks for a bit…


… then creates 538 questions and answers.

I click Next.


I am then taken to an interface where I am suppose to chat with the Bot and train it.

For this example I skipped this step mostly (so the resulting Bot suffers in ability as a result).

When I am done I click Publish.


You are then presented with a link that you can use to chat with the Bot.

(note: At the time of this writing, if you don’t copy the link at this point, you will not be able to obtain it again)

You can play with the Bot I made at this link. Warning, I did not train this Bot at all!

Here are some recent chats:



This service is clearly still in development, but at this point it is amazing. Microsoft is clearly the leader in creating the tools we need to create truly useful Bots.


A big thank you to Robin Osborne for finding this service and writing about it.


QnA Maker Application Website

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