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Azure Machine Learning Studio For The Non Data Scientist (Video)

Jul 23

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The Ai Help Website recently posted a video entitled Azure Machine Learning Studio For The Non Data Scientist.

The video is located here:


Order the book at: http://aihelpwebsite.com/Market/Azure-Machine-Learning-Studio-for-the-Non-Data-Scientist

Download the code at: http://aihelpwebsite.com/Downloads

The description of the video is:

Creating predictive models is no longer relegated to data scientists when you use tools such as the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Azure Machine Learning Studio is a web browser-based application that allows you to create and deploy predictive models as web services that can be consumed by custom applications and other tools such as Microsoft Excel.

You will learn how to create predictive experiments, operationalize them using Excel and Angular .Net Core applications, and create retraining programs to improve predictive results.