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You can easily create a chat Bot for your website using Power Virtual Agents

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You can visually create Bots using the Microsoft Bot Framework Composer

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In this article we will cover integrating the QnA Maker service into your Bot. Using the QnA Maker in your Bot allows you to create chat bots that are able to understand and respond to queries by simply looking at a list of questions and answers that you provide…

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The Microsoft Bot Framework V4 allow you to create intelligent bots that interact naturally wherever your users are…

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The Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service is a web based application that allows you to easily create a bot that interacts with your customers.  In this article we will implement an enhancement that allows it to retrieve help desk tickets based on a custom search

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ChoiceFlow is part of the Bot Builder Community Extensions project which contains various pieces of middleware, recognizers and other components for use with the Bot Builder .NET SDK v4.

This middleware component allows you to provide the user with a series of guided choice prompts, (defined in a JSON file, or as a collection of ChoiceFlowItem objects), similar to when calling a telephone line with a series of automated options.

To demonstrate this, we will create a Bot, that uses the ChoiceFlow component, that will search Help Desk Tickets in the popular open source Help Desk application

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One of the main reasons you would desire to use the Microsoft Bot Framework for your Chat Bot is that it automatically exposes your Bot to many channels… except Amazon Alexa. If you desire to add support for Amazon Alexa, you will have to use custom code…

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In this article we will cover integrating LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) into your Bot. Using Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) in your Bot allows you to create chat bots that are easier for your end-users to interact with…

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In this article we will cover using Dialogs

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